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Deacon Board


  • Joel Dewing 570-395-0949
  • Mitch Ferrill 570-623-2161
  • Tom Horne 570-395-3389
  • Dave McGuigan 570-395-0934
  • Glenn Wolfe 570-395-3495 (Board Secretary)


Treasurer: David McGuigan

Church Secretary: Mary Raymond

Sunday School:

  • Superintendent: Sue Russell
  • Adults:  Justin Canfield 
  • Women's Class:  Rosa Darling
  • JR/SR High (Grades 6-12, College):  
  • Grades 3-5:  Glenn & Mary Wolfe
  • K-2: Tom & Kim Horne
  • Nursery:  Donna Wiles and Shaina Brown

Youth Group:

  • Grades 1-3 (Promise Club) - Laurie Fernandez

Pianists: Janice Young, Rosa Darling

Special Music Coordinator: Janice Young

Website:  Mitch Ferrill

Women's Outreach Chair: Lauri Fernandez

Sunshine Committee:  Debbie Burke

Greeting Card Outreach: Elsie Lantz

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